Mechanical Door Repairer

Mechanical door repairers install adjust repair inspect and assemble mechanical doors. The most common type of mechanical door is a garage door but other types of mechanical doors exist which include mechanical gates and other types of doors that open automatically. Some of the common job responsibilities of a mechanical door repairer include repairing broken parts installing locks making adjustments to doors that open or close too quickly or not far enough removing old or broken doors so that new ones can be installed and determining why doors are not functioning properly. According to the website mechanical door repairers must be mechanically inclined and know how to operate various types of tools used for fixing and installing mechanical doors. They must know which type of mechanical door will work the best in different scenarios and they must make recommendations to customers on what type of mechanical door they should purchase if the door they already have is broken beyond repair. Mechanical door repairers know how to assemble various mechanical parts and they must use their analytical skills to determine how to fix doors that are not functioning properly. While there is not a specific educational requirement for a career as a mechanical door repairer a high school diploma is usually required. Also the desire to work with mechanisms tools and small objects is helpful. The website states that the salary for mechanical door repairers ranges from $21700 to $50000 depending on experience.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $36100
High Salary: $50500
Low Salary: $21700
Tasks: Installs and repairs mechanical doors.
Adjusts mechanical doors so they open and shut properly.
Adds locks to mechanical doors.
Replaces worn or broken mechanical door parts.
Also Called: Garage Door Repairer
Automatic Door Repairer
Mechanical Door Serviceperson
Hydraulic Door Repairer
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