Mechanic – Plant Equipment

The manufacturing industry would come to a complete standstill if plant equipment mechanics were not around to ensure that the machinery which helps to produce goods is in operational order at all times. Plant equipment mechanics who are often called “maintenance mechanics” “industrial machinery mechanics” or “machine adjusters” work in an industrial setting and have the main job duties of repairing installing inspecting and adjusting all of the systems in the various pieces of machinery that exist in a manufacturing plant. In addition to working hands-on with machinery and equipment plant equipment mechanics must also keep accurate repair and inspection records so that a history of each machine can be easily understood and accessible. The website states that plant equipment mechanics use many different types of tools to conduct their inspections installations and repairs including power grinders welding apparatuses hoists and lathes. Because a majority of their job responsibilities require them to work with heavy objects climb ladders and sometimes maneuver their bodies into small or difficult-to-reach spaces it’s essential that plant equipment mechanics be in good physical health have a high level of manual dexterity and have the ability to lift at least 50 pounds. While many skills are learned on the job most employers prefer that their plant equipment managers have a minimum of an associate’s degree with courses in mechanical engineering or mechanics. The website lists the average yearly salary for a plant equipment mechanic between $30516 and $39030.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $34773
High Salary: $39030
Low Salary: $30516
Tasks: Ensures that a plant's machines are working properly.
Assembles new plant machinery.
Makes repairs to equipment.
Cleans and adjusts equipment parts.
Also Called: Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Technician
Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Industrial Mechanic.
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