Industrial Mechanic

Many industries and factories would fail if it were not for the help of industrial mechanics who ensure that industrial machinery is in working order at all times. Because industrial equipment runs pumps and produces materials and goods on a round-the-clock basis it can be detrimental to a business or industry if their production machines do not work properly. An industrial mechanic according to checks cleans oils repairs and maintains all types of industrial equipment. In order to be successful as an industrial mechanic it is essential to have manual dexterity and be able to confidently use a wide variety of hand tools. Some of the daily tasks that an industrial mechanic performs include taking apart machinery to inspect parts replacing broken components examining the interior of industrial machinery to ensure it is functioning properly putting machinery back together after it is inspected and cleaning machinery so that it is in top working order. The educational requirements for a career as an industrial mechanic include a high school diploma or GED and a high level of mechanical and mathematical skills. Some aspiring industrial mechanics choose to enter a vocational or technical school program to learn advanced skills but others choose to enter an apprenticeship program which normally lasts approximately four years. The website lists the salary potential for industrial mechanics as between $25950 and $59050 per year. The level of earning potential is based on whether or not the mechanic has completed an apprenticeship the mechanic’s skill level number of years’ of on-the-job experience and the specific type industry that employs the mechanic. Additionally industrial mechanics are often union members which usually entitles them to earn higher salaries.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $42500
High Salary: $59050
Low Salary: $25950
Tasks: Completes preventative maintenance on industrial machinery.
Disassembles machines to make necessary repairs.
Orders replacement parts from machinery
Makes adjustments to machine's operational settings
Also Called: Machinery Mechanic
Master Industrial Mechanic
Industrial Assembler
Machinery Maintenance Mechanic
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