Industrial Equipment Partsperson

An industrial engines and equipment partsperson knows how to identify and locate all of the parts and pieces that are used in the industrial realm. The main job duties of a partsperson include ordering stocking shelving and keeping a track of inventory in a warehouse setting. When a part is ordered or requested the partsperson must know how to locate it and must be knowledgeable about the best way to transport or ship the part to the appropriate recipient. When an order is received by the partsperson they must inventory the contents of the shipment and sort the items into their specific shelving areas until the parts are needed by a consumer or industrial manufacturer. Because many industrial engines and equipment pieces are housed in warehouses partspersons are often required to work in cold or hot facilities which are not usually heated or cooled during the winter and summer months. While a partsperson often works independently it is essential that they also have customer service skills because they often discuss specific needs with customers or work directly with other partspersons to locate specific items. Because of advances in technology computer programs are often used in warehouses to track inventory. Therefore an industrial engines and equipment partsperson must be comfortable using a computer and conducing internet searches to locate parts that must be ordered from various sources or suppliers. In general a high school diploma is required for a job as an industrial engines and equipment partsperson and most skills are learned on the job or through an apprenticeship program. According to most apprenticeship programs last between four and five years and are usually paid positions. The website states that most industrial engines and equipment partspersons earn an average salary between $29503 and $36510 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $33006.5
High Salary: $36510
Low Salary: $29503
Tasks: Keeps an inventory of parts and equipment.
Uses a computer database to keep track of inventory.
Locates parts and equipment and ships items to industrial manufacturers.
Orders stock when inventory is low.
Also Called: Parts and Equipment Shipper
Parts and Equipment Receiver
Parts and Equipment Inventory Specialist
Industrial Parts and Equipment Specialist
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