Computer Service Technician

Having something go wrong with a computer can be extremely frustrating especially when there are deadlines to meet and work to complete. Most people who work outside a computer-related profession cannot troubleshoot or fix their own computer when it is not working correctly.

When computer problems arise a computer service technician is usually called. In order to succeed in this profession its crucial to have extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software and how to diagnose various types of computer-related problems. Additionally being able to quickly repair hardware and software issues is essential.

For a computer service technician who is employed by an organization its important to fix problems quickly because an employee with an un-usable computer is very unproductive for the organization. Similarly computer service technicians who work independently and make house calls to individuals having computer problems work must be completed swiftly because the customer is normally charged by the hour for services and the cost of the service call should not exceed the value of the computer.

As states the working hours for a computer service technician can sometimes be hectic because computer problems arise at all times of the day or night and technicians often must be available when the need arises no matter what the time of day. The educational requirement for this profession is a minimum of an associates degree. However more important than an in-classroom education is on-the-job training and knowledge gained through years of experience. reports that the average salary for a computer service technician is $40000 to $65000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52500
High Salary: $65000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Diagnoses computer problems.
Has knowledge of many types of computer operating systems.
Works on-call and sometimes travels to customer homes or businesses.
Fixes computer problems as quickly as possible.
Also Called: Computer Repairman
Computer Technician
PC Technician
PC Repairman
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