Camera Repairer

Camera repairers diagnose problems in conventional and digital cameras. Once they locate the problem they determine whether it is worth repairing. Sometimes if the problem with the camera requires the purchase of an expensive replacement piece the camera repairer will recommend that the equipment not be fixed because it is not cost-effective. If they proceed with the repair they must ensure that the replacement parts are in stock. If they are not in stock they must order them from a supplier. After the repair is completed they then test the camera to see whether it works properly.

Camera repairers must have excellent eyesight good manual dexterity analytical skills patience and the ability to pay attention to detail and to read and understand technical manuals. According to camera repairers must have a high school diploma plus postsecondary education at a community college or vocational school.

Courses in electronics physics mechanics and mathematics are a good foundation for this career. In addition many employers require several years of on-the-job training. As the cost of new cameras declines job prospects for camera repairers will most likely decline because it will be less expensive to replace a camera than to repair it.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for camera repairers is $35000 and most camera repairers work for a camera shop but some own their own camera repair business.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $45000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Diagnose problems in conventional and digital cameras.
Determines if it is cost-effective to fix cameras.
Ensures that replacement pieces are in stock.
Tests cameras to make sure they are working properly.
Also Called: Camera Technician
Camera Mechanic
Photographic Equipment Repairer
Photographic Equipment Technician
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