Automatic Teller Machine Technician

Access to an automatic teller machine (ATM) to get cash at any time has become a way of life. Under normal circumstances ATMs are operational but there can be malfunctions that need to be diagnosed and then repaired. Also sometimes ATMs need to be removed from a particular site or installed at a new site.

All of these situations call for the expertise of automatic teller machine (ATM) technicians who are specifically trained on how to trouble shoot when ATMs have electronics problems such as defective magnetic strips that read credit and debit cards or when they dispense the incorrect amount of cash. They may be called upon to repair ATMs at any time of day or night.

According to the website ATM technicians also sometimes oversee the replenishment of cash that is stored inside the machine which can make the job somewhat risky. Prospective ATM technicians stand the best chance of being hired if they have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many technical schools offer training programs for ATM technician jobs but sometimes companies provide internal training programs for new employees. After they complete the training they must pass a certification exam to show they have the skills needed to repair and maintain ATMs but also they get periodic training so that they are current on changing technology.

If ATM technicians carry a firearm they must also have a license. In addition to gaining the necessary technical expertise job applicants must pass a thorough background check to make sure they are honest and trustworthy because in their jobs they have access to large amounts of cash.

The website says that on average automatic teller machine technicians earn approximately $19 an hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $39520
High Salary: $43520
Low Salary: $35520
Tasks: Repairs and maintains money machines.
Replaces magnetic strips that reads bank cards and/or credit cards.
Ensures that ATMs dispense money correctly.
Replenishes cash stored in ATMs.
Also Called: Electronics Technician
Money Machine Technician
Electronic Kiosk Technician
Money Dispensary Technician
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