Appliance Service Tech

Appliance Service Technicians also known as home appliance repair technicians service repair and install home appliances such as refrigerators dishwashers ovens and clothes washers and dryers. When a home appliance needs to be services or repaired repair technicians will usually go to the customers home to inspect the appliance and make the repair.

They usually begin by checking for unusual noises excessive vibration leaks or loose parts. Technicians may take apart the appliance to examine its internal working parts for signs of wear or corrosion. After identifying the problem appliance service technicians may replace or repair defective belts motors heating elements switches gears or other items. Some appliances with electronic parts may require the service technician to replace the circuit boards or other electronic components.  Why not consider a career as an Appliance Service Technician.

Most appliance service technicians learn the skills necessary for the job while working with more experienced technicians although employers often prefer to hire people who have completed programs in electronics or appliance repair. Technicians may also attend seminars conducted by appliance manufacturers to learn the specifics of certain appliance models. Appliance service technicians should have good problem-solving abilities be good with their hands and have excellent customer service skills.

The average yearly salary for an appliance service technician is around $35500 with experienced service technicians earning over $52000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $36770
High Salary: $52770
Low Salary: $20770
Tasks: Moves, removes and/or disassembles appliances.
Estimates repair costs.
Performs routine service or repair work on appliances.
Maintains inventory of parts used in the installation and/or repair of appliances.
Also Called: Home Appliance Repairer
Service Technician
Appliance Technician
Repair Technician
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