Public Health Inspector

Public health inspectors perform inspections often unannounced of public facilities to make sure they comply with sanitary codes and are safe for use by the people in the community. If there are violations the public health inspector communicates them in detail to the owner or manager and makes plans to revisit the establishment within a certain period of time to ensure all health hazards have been removed. Public health inspectors are required to write reports and maintain records of their inspections. In some cases they testify at hearings when an establishment is in violation of sanitary codes. In addition to routine inspections public health inspectors can also investigate an establishment in response to complaints about sanitation. The places public health inspectors visit include hotels restaurants places where groups of children congregate camps schools swimming pools and health-related facilities. Public health inspectors are usually supervised by an environmental health professional or a sanitarian. They usually work for state and county governments but some are employed by manufacturing companies and health clinics. The website says that aspiring public health inspectors usually have an associate’s degree although a high school diploma combined with some coursework in applied sciences and environmental health work experience and on-the-job training can often be acceptable. In any case public health inspectors can earn professional credentials from the Council on Certification of Health Environmental and Safety Technologists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics salaries for public health inspectors depend on employer experience and specific type of facility being inspected. The website says that annual salaries for public health inspectors fall between approximately $32600 and $50425.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $41512.5
High Salary: $50425
Low Salary: $32600
Tasks: Examines and inspects public facilities.
Enforces public health mandates.
Looks for potential health hazards.
Completes primary and follow-up inspections.
Also Called: Public Safety Inspector
Health Hazard Monitor
Health and Safety Technologist
Health and Safety Officer
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