Prospecting Geologist

A prospecting geologist is a professional who has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to searching for large deposits of minerals or other types of natural resources that can be mined for commercial purposes. While some individuals consider themselves to be recreational or even professional “prospectors” as they independently attempt to discover undetected supplies of valuable natural resources most prospecting geologists are employed by mining companies. The number one goal of prospecting geologists is to determine if specific locations are rich in minerals or other types of natural resources and if those locations are able to be effectively mined. To do this they often must traverse into extremely remote locations in order to study the geology in the area and take samples which are taken back to a laboratory and examined. Once the decision has been made to begin mining a particular area a prospecting geologist may be assigned to oversee certain aspects of the mining operation. During their supervision they often provide guidance on the direction that drilling should follow based on maps and diagrams that are produced by a team of geologists mineralogists and engineers. Over the course of their careers prospecting geologists often develop a high level of expertise in discovering reserves of particular types of valuable rocks minerals metals or other resources. In order to become a prospecting geologist it’s essential that a bachelor’s degree in the field of geology be earned but many have master’s degrees or doctoral degrees. With a post-graduate degree it’s possible to find work as a university professor or a consultant. The website www.salaryexpert lists the average yearly salary for a prospecting geologist between $50670 and $119850.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $85260
High Salary: $119850
Low Salary: $50670
Tasks: Searches for minerals.
Explores mining areas.
Determines the best method for extracting minerals from the earth.
Studies rocks and geological samples.
Also Called: Geologist
Environmental Geologist
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