Mining Engineering Technologist

Mining engineering technologists work in all aspects of the mining profession. From researching where new mines should be developed to how they should be designed mining engineering technologists help mining engineers and scientists with the entire mining process. Some mining engineering technologists work with the miners who are responsible for the removal of minerals from underground. They often supervise miners and mining technicians and provide them with guidance and advice on the safest and most cost effective ways to complete their work. The possibilities and career specializations for mining engineering technologists are vast due to the fact that there are many areas in the mining industry that need the help of technologists. Some of the most common specializations include mine ventilation systems mine design and development mineralogy and mine safety procedures. Typically mining engineering technologists do not work in an office setting. Rather they work at a mine site or in an area close to where a site is located. Throughout their career they may be required to move or travel to new mine locations until the mine is depleted or closed. Typical employers of mining engineering technologists include mining companies the government engineering firms or institutions that conduct research related to mining – such as colleges or universities. According to the website mining engineering technologists can expect to earn a salary between $63384 and $91476 per year. states that mining engineering technologists must earn a minimum of a two-year college degree with an emphasis in mining technology courses before starting their career. Those who obtain a four-year degree are often more qualified to begin their careers with higher level positions.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $77430
High Salary: $91476
Low Salary: $63384
Tasks: Provides technical assistance to mining engineers.
Assists in surveying and drafting.
Works underground with engineers and geologists.
Helps scientists and geologists.
Also Called: Geological Technician
Geoscientific Technologist
Mineralogy Technician
Metallurgical Technician
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