Mineralogy Tech

Mineralogy technicians are also commonly called “geology technicians” or “petroleum technicians”. They are typically hired to help scientists mineral engineers or mineralogy technicians who are working to locate sources of minerals gas or petroleum. Examples of the tasks mineralogy technicians typically complete include measuring and evaluating wells obtaining samples from the bottom of wells that will be evaluated in a laboratory using laboratory equipment to determine the exact mineral components that exist in the samples taken from wells operating and maintaining survey equipment and creating maps that will help engineers and scientists who are involved in mine development programs. Mineralogy technicians spend some of their work days in a laboratory setting but the also spend a great deal of time working outdoors and in remote locations. It is common that mineralogy technicians work irregular hours. Mineralogy technicians must be able to follow strict safety regulations because their work can involve contact with hazardous chemicals. According to the website www.education.com aspiring mineralogy technicians typically complete a two- year or three-year college program at an accredited institution in a field such as geological petroleum or mining technology. Upon graduation they are usually hired by a gas or oil extraction company and initially they work under the supervision of a scientists or a more experienced technician. However some mineralogy technicians find employment at engineering consulting firms construction and utility companies educational institutions or the government’s environmental protection department. The median salary for mineralogy technicians is $19.35 per hour which equates to $40248 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40248
High Salary: $50248
Low Salary: $30248
Tasks: Assists mineralogists.
Operates mineral survey equipment.
Prepares geological maps.
Studies the nature, structure, and physical properties of minerals.
Also Called: Geological Technician
Geological Technologist
Mineral Technologist
Mining Technician
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