Mineral Engineer

Mineral Engineers are often called “mining engineers” or “mineral surveyors”. They are responsible for exploring and analyzing mineral deposits and providing recommendations on whether or not a specific site should be mined. They work directly with engineers geologists scientists and engineering technologists to determine whether or not it would be profitable to dig into a particular area for the purpose of extracting minerals and they estimate what the environmental impact would be to create a new mine. Additionally mineral engineers are often experts at analyzing one or more types of mineral. Eventually after several years of experience in this profession many mineral engineers become well known for their expertise and knowledge. At the point of being known as an expert with one or more particular minerals it is possible to work as an independent contractor who provides advice and knowledge to mining companies. Those who do not want to be self-employed usually work for a mining company the government or an engineering firm that specializes in minerals and mining. Because minerals occur and exist naturally all across the world this career often requires mineral engineers to spend a great deal of time traveling and conducting research in the field. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about minerals themselves mining engineers are typically experts at providing guidance on the best possible ways to extract minerals from the earth. The website www.mypursuit.com states that aspiring mineral engineers must obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering or mining engineering. A mineral engineer can expect to earn a yearly salary of between $54390 and $128410 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $91400
High Salary: $128410
Low Salary: $54390
Tasks: Explores mineral deposit sites.
Predicts environmental effects of mining minerals from a particular site.
Takes samples of minerals and examines them.
Provides estimates on value of mineral deposits.
Also Called: Mineral Surveyor
Mining Engineer
Additional Resources: http://ww2.prospects.ac.uk/p/types_of_job/minerals_surveyor_job_description.jsp