Meteorological Tech

Most people do not realize just how much background work goes into a simple weather forecast that is presented daily on television news broadcasts. Meteorologists discuss weather forecasts to an audience and the reliability of the forecast is utilized by millions of individuals to create travel plans determine daily activities and decide what clothing to wear. However not only does the general public rely on meteorological forecasting for planning purposes other organization such as the aviation industry the boating industry and the military rely on specific and accurate forecasts for safety and strategic purposes. Meteorological technicians are the professionals according to who “analyze and record oceanographic and meteorological data to forecast changes in weather or sea conditions and to determine trends in movement and utilization of water.” After they gather information they use the data to create charts and maps that can be used to describe and forecast weather conditions weather patterns the potential for severe weather disturbances and to predict high and low temperatures for specific regions of the world. While this career is not necessarily physically demanding meteorological technicians must be willing to spend at least part of their careers in outdoor locations because they must periodically read the results obtained by weather reporting towers which are sometimes located in very cold warm or isolated locations. The educational requirements for a meteorological technician include a minimum of an associate’s degree and the most typical employers of meteorological technicians are the National Weather Service colleges or universities which study weather patterns and the military. The website www.salary lists the yearly salary range for a meteorological technician at $47339 to $96333.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $71836
High Salary: $96333
Low Salary: $47339
Tasks: Observes weather conditions.
Provides weather and environmental information to the public.
Prepares warnings on severe weather conditions.
Forecasts weather patterns.
Also Called: Meteorologist
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