Geological Technician

With the assistance of geologists engineers geophysicists and scientists who specialize in the composition of the earth geological technicians study and interpret the geological makeup of the earth and research how the earth has changed and evolved since the beginning of time. Besides studying the composition of the earth to learn more about its history geological technicians try to determine possible changes that might happen to the earth’s composition in the future. Geological technicians also work to detect natural resources that can be beneficial to industrial advancements which includes the mining of minerals crude oil petroleum products and natural gas. Some of the specific job duties of a geological technician include collecting and analyzing geological samples maintaining laboratory equipment operating field machinery supervising explorations recording information and authoring reports based on gathered data. A bachelor’s degree in geology is helpful for this career but most employers require an associate’s degree or completion of a vocational school program. reports that most geological technicians work for companies that extract oil and gas but some work for scientific and technical service firms or state and federal governmental agencies. Depending on the specific project geological technicians may work outside in remote locations while they conduct studies and collect samples. However many also work in laboratories where they perform research studies and analyze the samples that have been submitted from the field. The median salary for this career is according to $19.35 per hour which equates to about $40248 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40248
High Salary: $45248
Low Salary: $35248
Tasks: Tests and analyzes samples to determine their content.
Finds potential sources of metallic ore, gas, or petroleum.
Operates and maintains geophysical survey and well logging equipment.
Works outdoors in remote locations.
Also Called: Petroleum Technician
Geological Researcher
Geological Data Technician
Geological Technologist
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