Forestry Tech

A forestry technician is a person who works under the direction of a forester to help manage and protect forest resources. The majority of forestry technicians are employed by federal or state government agencies that manage forest parks and preserves although some technicians may work for private companies involved in logging mining petroleum or the railroad industry. Forestry technicians have many varied job responsibilities. Forestry technicians help foresters mostly doing hands-on work outdoors such as fighting fires or caring for trees in a nursery. They are responsible for collecting data about the condition of the forest area in which they work. This data may be information such as the species of trees disease andor insect damage and any fire-danger conditions present. They may also be involved in reforestation and help to plant trees on land that has been logged or destroyed by fire or industrial use. For private companies forestry technicians may need to determine the number of trees that can be harvested mark trees so that logging crew know which ones to cut and calculate the amount of lumber an average tree will produce. Forestry technicians may also help to build roads through forest lands designated for harvest. Forestry technicians usually need to have completed a two-year forest technology program from a forest technology school to begin their work with a forester. Depending upon their experience and where they work a forestry technicians salary can range from about $18500 to over $46000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $32500
High Salary: $46500
Low Salary: $18500
Tasks: Compiles data pertaining to forest lands.
Manages forest protection activities.
Leads forest workers in seasonal activities.
Patrol forest areas to protect resources and prevent damage.
Also Called: Forester
Forestry and Conservation Technician
Conservation Technician
Forestry Consultant
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