For individuals who love trees and are dedicated to preserving them a career as a forester could be fulfilling. Foresters are trained to manage improve and protect forest lands and resources. Timber foresters survey specific forest lands and decide when it is safe and ecologically sound to harvest trees. They also detect and supervise the removal of trees that are diseased or are interfering with the growth of other trees. Conservation foresters assess the impact of human activity on forests and determine whether harvesting trees will help forest sustainability or whether certain areas need to be protected. They are also involved in reforestation projects when fire pests or human and industrial abuse have caused damage and they make decisions on designing forests that will protect surrounding areas from floods or soil erosion. In some cases they recommend whether certain areas should be preserved as a wildlife refuge or whether recreational use should be allowed. Most foresters work for the U.S. Forest Service though some work for state or local agencies that want to protect nearby forests and parks. However many work for private logging timber paper and wood pulp companies. Foresters’ work can be physically demanding because most of it is outdoors in all kinds of weather and in areas that can be isolated and they may have to walk long distances through wetlands and thick vegetation. According to the website foresters usually have college degrees in forestry which require courses in biology and in the economic value of forests and they are expected to pass exams that lead to a certification in forestry. Those who teach and conduct research at colleges and universities need post-graduate degrees. The average annual salary they earn is approximately $49000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $49000
High Salary: $53000
Low Salary: $45000
Tasks: Manages forestland.
Conducts research for the Forest Service.
Supervises fire and insect control practices.
Oversees logging companies.
Also Called: Biologist
Funeral Supervisor
Forestry Technician
Governmental Forester
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