Fish Hatchery Technician

Fish hatchery technicians oversee the environment in which fish are incubated and raised from eggs. Their job may include making minor repairs to hatchery equipment painting buildings and maintaining the grounds. They are in charge of feeding the fish and maintaining an environment that is suitable for their survival. They observe the developing fish noting any sign of disease. They work with various strains of fish including cold water fish such as trout and warm water fish such as bass and catfish. They are responsible for stocking lakes and streams once the fish are ready to be released into the environment. Fish hatchery technicians keep accurate records on fish production and sometimes they operate equipment that transports the fish from one place to another. They may also mark migrating fish to keep track of their whereabouts. Fish hatchery technicians must have good communication skills because they are expected to educate people who visit the hatchery on fish biology and fish culture techniques. Fish hatchery technician is an entry-level position and many start out as temporary workers who eventually become permanent employees. With a few years of experience as a fish hatchery technician individuals can meet the minimum requirements for the next step which is assistant hatchery manager. After several more years of experience a fish hatchery technician can apply for a hatchery manager position. Fish hatchery technicians who have skills and experience and are willing to move from one hatchery to another have a good chance of being promoted to a management position. Although on-the-job experience is counted it is helpful to have some academic experience with courses in fish biology or aquaculture because academic credentials can substitute for on-the-job experience. The website reports that annual salaries for fish hatchery technicians range from $25000 to $55000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $55000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Monitors and maintains the right environment for fish.
Stocks lakes, steams and other bodies of water with fish.
Repairs hatchery equipment.
Observes developing fish.
Also Called: Hatchery Manager
Assistant Hatchery Chief
Hatchery Chief
Fish Hatchery Worker
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