Environmental Compliance Inspector

Environmental compliance inspectors work to protect the public as well as the environment from many various sources of pollution. It is their job to ensure that manufacturers and other industrial organizations are adhering to regulations when it comes to releasing harmful and hazardous waste into the air and water. Besides investigating and monitoring specific manufacturing plants they also investigate known areas that are polluted and determine the sources of the problems. When they determine that pollution is occurring they issue warning notices to those they feel are responsible. If problems are not corrected after noticed are distributed environmental compliance inspectors are often called to testify at court hearings and trials. Additionally the website job-descriptions.careerplanner.com says that they are responsible for informing the appropriate health professionals affected property owners and the public about potential health risks associated with air pollution or contaminated water. Not only do they report problems they also work directly with those that are guilty of causing environmental problems and they help them correct their actions so that hazardous materials can be kept form repeatedly harming natural resources. They perform routine and spontaneous inspections at various locations in order to check for permits as well as suspected environmental violations. Environmental compliance inspectors’ main duty is to ensure that local state andor federal rules and regulations are being followed. The website www.onetonline.org states that almost all environmental compliance inspectors have a four-year bachelor’s degree and some have master’s degrees. The educational background of those in this profession is usually related to science natural resources technology engineering andor math. According to the website www.jobs-salary.com environmental compliance inspectors can expect to earn an average salary of $41333 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $41333
High Salary: $51333
Low Salary: $31333
Tasks: Investigates sources of pollution.
Issues violation notices.
Maintains inspection records.
Watches for illegal pollution.
Also Called: Environmental Enforcement Officer
Environmental Quality Analyst
Environmental Protection Specialist
Waste Management Specialist
Additional Resources: http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/13-1041.01