Environmental Chemical Engineer

Environmental chemical engineers are professionals who combine their knowledge of chemicals and engineering to help control or improve systems that are built and designed to eliminate environmental risks and damage. The most common focuses of environmental chemical engineers are issues related to the safety and preservation of water and air. They work to devise new ways to eliminate pollutants debris and waste from these and other natural resources. Additionally they may be employed to inspect and detect problems with systems that are broken or in need of upgrades. Environmental chemical engineers work together with other engineers and engineering technicians to conduct research gather data and recommend solutions to environmental hazards. A large employer of environmental chemical engineers is the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) but other employers include private companies construction companies environmental consulting firms engineering firms and state and federal governmental agencies besides the “EPA.” According to Wikipedia.org environmental chemical engineers ” focus on environmental chemistry advanced air and water treatment technologies and separation processes.” Due to the ever-increasing focus on the environment and the overall health of the population the Occupational Outlook Handbook has published its expectations for this career as “excellent” with the potential for growth. According to www.ehow.com a bachelor’s degree is required for this profession but many choose to obtain a post-graduate degree. Additionally ehow.com reports that the average annual salary for this profession is approximately $77970.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $77970
High Salary: $87970
Low Salary: $67970
Tasks: Develops systems to reduce environmental risks.
Uses chemicals to treat and clean water resources.
Inspects for problems with existing systems.
Recommends solutions to environmental hazards.
Also Called: Civil Engineering Technologist
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Environmental Engineer
Natural Resources Engineer
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