Environmental Analyst

An environmental analyst focuses on the tasks of measuring pollution levels in the environment and recommending ways in which the levels can be reduced. The duties of an environmental analyst include conducting research studies compiling data developing theories which explain why pollution levels are high in certain areas and using this information to recommend general or tailored pollution abatement programs. Environmental analysts may study one particular environmental area or may focus on multiple areas. The typical pollution focus areas for environmental analysts are air and water. Oftentimes corporations will employ environmental analysts to determine how to decrease the pollutants that their company produces. According to www.collegecrunch.org an environmental analyst needs a bachelor’s degree in statistics mathematics or engineering. However some of the other common college majors for this career include earth sciences biology or chemistry. Some high-level environmental analysts choose to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree. Most professional environmental analysts who wish to pursue research as their career focus must achieve a post-graduate degree. A successful environmental analyst must have a passion for the environment and the desire to discover new ways to reduce pollutants. Additionally they must have high-level problem solving skills and the ability to collect data in a methodical manner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median yearly salary for an environmental analyst is $61000 and the job outlook for this career is good because of an increased awareness and trend towards environmental awareness.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $65000
High Salary: $75000
Low Salary: $55000
Tasks: Evaluates environmental risk factors.
Conducts environmental research studies.
Collects data related to pollution.
Recommends cleaner ways to manufacture goods.
Also Called: Environmental Engineer
Environmental Research Analyst
Environmental Statistician
Additional Resources: http://www.collegecrunch.org/careers/business-admin/environmental-analyst/