The number of species of bugs that exist in the world is currently over one million and new ones are being discovered every day. This astronomical number of insects must be studied and the professionals who dedicated their careers to learning about the role that insects play in the world’s environment are called “entomologists.” As the general population might expect there are many existing insects that are considered to be “bad” or harmful to humans animals nature and food sources. Entomologists work to figure out ways to control andor eliminate this type of insect. On the other hand there are certain types of bugs that are considered “good” and helpful insects such as bees which pollinate plants. According to www.career-descriptions.co.uk entomologists must love nature and the environment have a sincere interest in bugs and enjoy studying ecosystems and ecology in order to succeed in this profession. Many entomologists spend their careers working for colleges or universities teaching and researching but others go into a more specific facet of entomology called “forensic entomology.” Answerbag.com states that a forensic entomologist is someone who works in conjunction with law enforcement agents to help solve crimes. They are able to analyze the insects at a crime scene to determine a deceased person’s time of death. Most entomologists have a doctoral degree with an undergraduate degree in biology entomology or another related field. Some of the largest employers of entomologists are colleges and universities state and local governments law enforcement agencies and private firms that conduct insect research. Careers.stateuniversity.com lists the median annual salary for an entomologist as $51200 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $51200
High Salary: $61200
Low Salary: $41200
Tasks: Studies insects.
Researches ways to control harmful insects.
Analyzes insects' life cycles.
Helps to develop crops that are insect-resistant.
Also Called: Biological Scientist
Bug Researcher
Animal Biologist
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/398/Entomologist.html