Ecologists sometimes considered to be biologists are scientists who study the relationship between organisms and their environment. They take a methodical approach to studying plants and animals in the environment and how climate weather patterns pollution and water quality affect their ecosystems. The underlying theme of their work is to achieve balance between the need for sustaining the environment and pressure to develop the land. Ecologists are researchers so they are familiar with methods of analyzing large amounts of data but the specific tasks performed by ecologists depend upon the nature of their employment. Many ecologists work on field surveys on the number and distribution of organisms living in certain habitats and it is typical for them to conduct environmental impact assessments after which they write reports and make recommendations. Most ecologists keep up with environmental policies and legislation and they consider it their responsibility to make suggestions regarding sustainability based on their research findings. In addition to having good writing skills it is important for ecologists to have good oral communication skills because they are often called upon as expert witnesses when there is an incident that could have a negative impact on the environment. In order to be employed doing research or teaching about ecology at a college or university individuals generally need a Ph.D. degree. During the course of their education most individuals specialize in one aspect of ecology in which they have conducted research and have had field experience either during their graduate training or subsequently while completing a postdoctoral fellowship. The website reports that ecologists generally earn between approximately $36000 and $98000 annually with a median of approximately $54000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $67000
High Salary: $98000
Low Salary: $36000
Tasks: Studies the environment as a whole.
Conducts research studies on habitats.
Specializes in how ecosystems work.
Assesses flora and fauna in their natural environments.
Also Called: Biologist
Environmental Scientist
Habitat Researcher
Environmental Biologist
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