Conservation Technician

Conservation technicians work collaboratively with foresters and conservation scientists in an effort to determine new conservation techniques for many of the environment's natural resources. Conservation technicians may spend a great deal of time in the field determining where trees should be planted or thinned (for fire protection purposes) overseeing logging companies to ensure that they are following regulations or collecting data or samples of soil andor water for inspection in a laboratory.

According to conservation technicians work in several locations including forests wetlands fisheries and marine habitats. If a conservation technician determines that an environmental risk is taking place in any of these areas they will work with conservation scientists to determine the best solution to the problem.

Additionally a conservation technician works to educate the public about known environmental and conservation issues and how any member of society can help to alleviate or fix the problems. With the terms "Global Warming" and "Green" being used so frequently there is a current positive trend for individuals to be pro-conservation and a new found respect for this career has recently developed.

In order to become a conservation technician a minimum of a certificate or an associate's degree must be achieved. However many conservation technicians have a 4-year degree in a field related to environmental science. It's possible to jump start a career in this field by participating in volunteer activities related to helping the environment or assisting in conservation efforts and then moving into a paid position.

The website states that the salary range for a conservation technician ranges from $35182 and $47739 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $41460.5
High Salary: $47739
Low Salary: $35182
Tasks: Collects data samples.
Evaluates environmental risks.
Works to protect natural resources.
Attempts to resolve environmental erosion issues.
Also Called: Conservation Technologist
Environmental Technician
Environmental Technologist
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