Conservation Officer

Individuals who are passionate about protecting the environment and also enjoy teaching people about how to care for it can thrive in the profession of a conservation officer.

Conservation officers are charged with enforcing laws both state and federal that protect natural resources forests and wildlife. The tasks they perform in carrying out their duties include investigating complaints documenting violations of the law and writing reports of any occurrences that have a negative impact on environmental resources or wildlife. They have the authority to arrest individuals who do not comply with state regulations and they can even cross state lines when there is a federal violation.

Conservation officers play an important role in educating people about environmental resources. They work with schools and community groups often giving talks to tell them about state and federal standards for maintaining the environment. Therefore it is essential that conservation officers have good interpersonal skills.

Those who aspire to this career often start by volunteering to help a conservation officer. Eventually they apply for the position of deputy conservation officer which is often done on a volunteer basis. Letters of interest and applications are sent to the state association where individuals want to be based.

For a regular job as conservation officer individuals are usually expected to have a four-year college degree although this is not mandatory. In most states they are required to take a civil service test and once hired to go through an extensive period of training.

The website reports that the annual salaries for conservation officers range between $25000 and $45000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $45000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Works to protect the environment.
Enforces environmental laws.
Teachers others about environmental conservation.
Works with schools and community groups.
Also Called: Environmentalist
Environmental Office
Deputy Conservation Officer
Deputy Environmental Officer
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