Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications engineers are responsible for designing and enhancing telecommunications systems. The term “telecommunications” refers to systems and methods which relay messages over a distance. Some examples of modern-day telecommunications systems include cellular phones the Internet television land line telephones and many others. Usually telecommunications engineers dedicate their careers to specializing in one or two specific telecommunications modes as opposed to working on a multitude of various systems. In the past several decades the telecommunications industry has seen rapid growth and advancement which has caused this profession to open many opportunities for those interested in this career field. Besides telecommunications systems telecommunications engineers are often interested in electronic and mechanical systems which are often used in conjunction with the field of telecommunications. According to the website telecommunications engineers have a thorough and complete understanding of the complexities that exist within the world of telecommunications systems. Part of a telecommunications engineer’s job is to conduct research and build models of potential enhancements to existing and future telecommunications systems. They often use computer aided design software programs in their daily work and they also prepare cost estimates for projects as well as compile reports on why systems should be designed or altered in a specific manner. Telecommunications engineers are usually not the individuals who are responsible for working in the field and installing telecommunications wiring or equipment. Rather they are the professionals who typically work in an office where they work on system designs and enhancements. The website describes the educational requirements for a telecommunications engineer as a bachelor’s degree in the field of circuitry engineering telecommunications or mechanical engineering. According to the website the typical salary range for a telecommunications engineers is between $56243 and $86501 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $71372
High Salary: $86501
Low Salary: $56243
Tasks: Troubleshoots telecommunications equipment.
Designs and creates telecommunications systems.
Works on implementing telecommunications enhancements.
Understands current trends in the telecommunications industry.
Also Called: Circuitry Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Network Engineer
Communications Engineer
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