Safety Engineer

There are certain industries that require the help and expertise of a safety engineer. For example safety engineers are necessary in many types industrial and commercial settings and they are often employed by insurance companies governmental agencies and organizations that offer safety consultants to visit various workplaces to conduct evaluations and make safety recommendations. The overall job of a safety engineer according to is to ensure the safety of workers as well as guarantee the safety of products that manufacturers produce. Depending on the employer or specific job safety engineers may have varying responsibilities. Some have the task of evaluating current operating procedures in manufacturing plants and determining where safety hazards exist. Others focus on the safety standards of the products being produced rather than the direct safety of workers. Those who work for insurance companies are often responsible for estimating how dangerous a building or location is and therefore how much the insurance company should charge for premiums. Safety engineers also work with traffic engineers to determine how unsafe intersections or roads should be changed to prevent as many accidents as possible. The minimum education required for a safety engineer is a bachelor’s degree and higher positions are generally granted to those who have significant on-the-job experience. Depending on the employer this career may require a significant amount of travel to various locations where safety conditions must be evaluated on-site. The median annual salary for a safety engineer is approximately $63500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $63500
High Salary: $73500
Low Salary: $53500
Tasks: Evaluates workplaces and identifies hazardous conditions.
Implements safety procedures and programs.
Observes safety programs and evaluates their effectiveness.
Revises safety procedures and protocols.
Also Called: Safety Manager
Hazard Engineer
Safety Planning Designer
Director of Safety
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