Pyrometallurgical Engineer

The job of a pyrometallurgical engineer is to research and develop methods for extracting metals from raw and recycled materials using extremely high temperatures. The chemical reactions that are produced when raw materials andor recycled materials such as scrap metal are heated to particular temperatures allow engineers to extract metals and process them so they can be used for manufacturing purposes. Pyrometallurgical engineers are responsible for controlling the temperatures and adjusting processes depending on the specific components of the materials being treated. They conduct research perform tests and revise designs. They work with other pyrometallurgical engineers as well as a team of scientists engineering technicians and engineering technologists to ensure that their methods are safe and yield the best quality end-products as possible. Pyrometallurgial engineers must have a high aptitude when it comes to understanding the chemical components of various types of metals and the scientific characteristics of metallic materials. Additionally they must be able to head research studies and be comfortable working in a laboratory setting or near extremely hot and noisy equipment. Typically pyrometallurgical engineers have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and many have master’s degrees in a subject area such as metallurgical engineering materials engineering or ceramics engineering. According to the pyrometallurgial process may be used to process metals from ore or it may be used in conjunction with one or more other processes. The website lists the average yearly salary for a pyrometallurgical engineer between $56450 and $81283.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $68866.5
High Salary: $81283
Low Salary: $56450
Tasks: Researches ways to transform metals into more valuable products.
Discovers new ways to extract metal from ore using extreme heat.
Develops new processes for extracting metals.
Works to create systems and procedures that cause as little environmental impact as possible.
Also Called: Minerals Engineer
Metal Refinery Engineer
Thermodynamic Engineer
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