Municipal Engineer

Municipal engineers who are also called “civil engineers” plan and design structures for public use. These structures are all important for urban design and include buildings roads tunnels bridges airports and water supply systems. Municipal engineers usually work together with architects and construction experts when drafting project plans. Once plans have been approved municipal engineers oversee the construction process to ensure that workers adhere strictly to the plan so that the safety of the public will be guaranteed. Municipal engineers spend some time in offices but they also travel to construction sites. Although their work week is typically 40 hours they may have to work extra hours when there is a deadline for completing a project. According to the website aspiring municipal engineers need at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from an accredited college or university. In order to supervise projects they must also meet the requirements for state licensing which usually entails passing a licensing exam administered by individual states or jurisdictions. In most cases municipal engineers work for approximately four years under the supervision of a licensed engineer before they themselves can apply for licensure. In some cases municipal engineers can teach and do research in which case they will need to earn a graduate degree in civil engineering. According to the website job prospects for municipal engineers depend on the economy but should be better than average because an increasing population will require improvements and repairs to structures bridges and roads. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for municipal engineers is approximately $77000. However salaries range from approximately $49000 for entry-level to approximately $118000 depending on location employer and experience.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $83970
High Salary: $118320
Low Salary: $49620
Tasks: Designs public buildings and structures.
Oversees the construction of municipal projects.
Works as a city engineer.
Creates plans for bridges, tunnels and roads, with public safety in mind.
Also Called: Civil Engineer
Public Building Engineer
Structural Engineer
Construction Engineer
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