Mine Ventilation Engineer

One of the single most important design aspects of a mine is the air circulation system. The ability to circulate underground air so that humans can work inside of mines for extended periods of time with good-quality and breathable air is essential. A mine ventilation engineer works together with mine design engineers to develop systems for air circulation. Additionally according to www.ehow.com mine ventilation engineers use several types of equipment and tools to help measure the air quality inside of a mine which helps to determine and evaluate how well an existing mine ventilation system is working or to figure out what types of upgraded ventilation systems are needed. Depending on the test results mine ventilation engineers either decide to use and possibly upgrade existing systems or they plan for the installation of new and improved ventilation systems. A successful mine ventilation engineer must not only be skilled at developing andor designing mine ventilation systems but they must also constantly keep the safety and health of the miners as a top priority. Additionally when an emergency with a mine ventilation system arises a mine ventilation engineer must be able to make quick decisions and come up with innovative solutions to problems as they occur. In order to become a mine ventilation engineer a bachelor’s degree with a major in the field of engineering must be achieved. While some mine ventilation engineers choose to obtain a post graduate degree it is usually not a requirement for this profession. According to careers.stateuniversity.com mine ventilation engineers typically earn a median salary of about $64690 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $64690
High Salary: $74690
Low Salary: $54690
Tasks: Designs mine ventilation systems.
Ensures that ventilation systems are in proper working order.
Monitors air flow in a mine.
Conducts routine tests to measure air pressure in a mine.
Also Called: Underground Ventilation Engineer
Mine Ventilation Specialist
Mine Engineer
Mine Air Circulation Engineer
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/69/Mining-Engineer.html