Materials Engineer

Materials engineers work with a large variety of materials such as ceramics chemicals composites glass minerals metals plastics polymers rubber and textiles. These engineers are also sometimes called “research engineers” or “ceramic engineers.” They are tasked with researching and developing new and enhanced materials which are sold to retailers manufacturing companies or directly to consumers. According to materials engineers work to combine or modify different types of materials in order to create new products that are stronger longer-lasting and less expensive for manufacturing companies or consumers. In order to create new materials the engineers studying and developing them must understand the properties of each material and how raw materials behave when they are combined with others. Some of the typical daily job activities of a materials engineer include testing materials to see how durable they are determining if the combination of specific materials will negatively impact the environment reviewing the most cost-effective way to produce a desired product and supervising the materials development process. In order to pursue a career as a materials engineer a bachelor’s degree with a major in materials engineering or a related field is necessary. Typical coursework for an undergraduate degree with this major include a focus on math technology and science. According to salaries for this profession typically range between $54323 and $63003 per year. The specific employer the size of the company the location of the company and the experience level of the materials engineer are all roles in determining the exact salary.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $58663
High Salary: $63003
Low Salary: $54323
Tasks: Researches materials to determine their strength and durability.
Works with many types of materials used in the manufacturing process.
Tests materials to determine the best combination to achieve a specific result.
Modifies materials in different ways to improve their performance.
Also Called: Materials Designer
Materials Developer
Materials Researcher
Materials Scientist
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