Industrial Designer

Industrial designers sometimes called “commercial designers” work with businesses and manufacturers to develop products that not only meet the specifications for safety intended use and cost but also are functional innovative and look good to potential consumers. According to the website industrial designers combine art and business with the principles of engineering to create products with style quality and function. They often specialize in one type of product such as automobiles appliances furniture toys or house wares. After determining the desired size weight color materials and cost requirements for an item they create a model for the design. However a final determination of whether a design is acceptable to potential consumers is often made by conducting market research or by presenting it at trade shows before manufacturing it on a large scale. For entry-level positions industrial designers usually need a bachelor’s degree in industrial design engineering or architecture with courses in computer-aided design as well as sketching manufacturing methods and industrial materials. Many are now earning master’s degrees in industrial design or sometimes in business administration. Large corporations and manufacturers generally require on-the-job training for up to two years before industrial designers can be promoted to higher level positions. Some industrial designers eventually start their own design companies. The website says that job prospects are best when there is increased business and consumer demand for newly-designed and updated products. In recent years however some of this work has been outsourced overseas so that manufacturers can cut costs. Therefore individuals with a solid engineering background excellent computer-aided design skills business experience and an excellent portfolio have the best employment opportunities. The median annual earnings for industrial designers is approximately $55000 though with experience and skill it is possible to earn well over $90000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $72500
High Salary: $90000
Low Salary: $55000
Tasks: Works to develop new product designs.
Creates models for new products.
Conducts tests on new product models.
Improves safety and usefulness of products.
Also Called: Commercial Designer
Product Designer
Product Engineer
Design Engineer
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