Computer Systems Engineer

Computer systems engineers oversee the coordination of a company or organizations hardware and software systems. Because some computer systems are extremely complex computer systems engineers work together with other engineers who specialize in the smaller pieces of the larger system. Besides overseeing existing systems computer systems engineers may be hired to help develop new systems or determine ways to improve the efficiency of existing systems.

When a new system is to be created a computer systems engineer works as part of a team to develop initial ideas and plans for the system. The next step is the design phase in which specific components hardware and software are chosen. Once the design appears to be feasible the computer systems engineers ensure that the system is affordable and that it will sufficiently meet the needs of its users. Finally the system is tested produced and implemented.

Because a computer systems engineer oversees the development or maintenance of a large system it is essential that he or she have excellent interpersonal skills because of the need to work effectively with other members of an IT team. Additionally a high level of analytical skills and the ability to confidently work with highly complex technical situations is needed in this career.

A bachelors degree in computer engineering or a related field is required to become a computer systems engineer and according to an average salary of $88000 per year can be expected.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $88000
High Salary: $98000
Low Salary: $78000
Tasks: Coordinates computers on a system.
Improves efficiency of computer systems.
Develops plans that fit within a budget.
Assesses and fixes system problems.
Also Called: Business Systems Analyst
Database Administrator
Systems Engineer
Computer Systems Administrator
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