Computer Hardware Engineer

Because computers play such an integral role in the lives of most people around the world the job of professional computer engineers is essential. Without computer engineers there would never be advancements made on how computers look function and work.

There are several types of professional engineers that work on different aspects of the computer development process. While a computer "software" engineer works on the programs that run a computer a computer "hardware" engineer works to design and develop the computer itself. The word "hard" refers to the pieces of the computer that can be physically touched and handled.

According to some examples of computer hardware include everything from printers and keyboards to computer chips and circuit boards. Computer hardware engineers work with all of these pieces and many more to develop new computer prototypes that they believe will fulfill the needs of businesses and individuals.

Over the past several decades computers have progressively become smaller and more manageable in size. This is the result of the research and development completed by computer hardware engineers who have designed computer parts and pieces that are miniscule compared to what they were just 30 years ago.

According to it's essential to attend a four-year college and obtain a bachelor's degree in computer engineering in order to succeed in this field. However a master's degree will help with continued professional advancement. A bachelor's degree in computer engineering will consist of courses focused on high level math and different types of engineering – – including electrical engineering. The number of computer hardware engineers working today is small compared to the number of computer software engineers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a computer hardware engineer is about $100180 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $100180
High Salary: $110180
Low Salary: $90180
Tasks: Works on the development of new computer designs.
Creates products based on customer demands.
Builds computer prototypes.
Develops computers smaller than their predecessors.
Also Called: Computer Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Computer Development Engineer
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