Bridge Engineer

A bridge engineer works on the design and construction of bridges. The most important aspects of a bridge engineers job are to ensure that the bridges they design are safe and stable. Because the lives and safety of the public are dependent on the stability bridges the engineers designing them must have a very specific set of skills in order to work in this profession. To begin an aspiring bridge engineer must attend school at a college or university that offers an accredited undergraduate program in engineering. Courses that are taken include physics civil engineering structural engineering electrical engineering and high-level math. Many schools help students obtain internships with local engineering firms prior to graduation so that students can get hands-on experience as part of their education. After graduating with a four-year degree an aspiring bridge engineer must become certified. Typically an exam must be passed before certification is issued. After becoming credentialed a new bridge engineer can look for jobs at engineering firms and work for a couple of years to gain experience. After becoming experienced it will be possible to find positions with large bridge design firms or work as an independent contractor. According to the average salary for a bridge engineer is $65000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $65110.5
High Salary: $76172
Low Salary: $54049
Tasks: Works on the design and construction of bridges.
Ensures that bridges are safe and stable.
Works for an engineering firm or as an independent contractor.
Specializes in one or more areas of engineering.
Also Called: Engineer
Structural Engineer
Bridge Designer
Construction Engineer
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