Aerodynamics is the study of the way in which air moves around an object. Without scientists and engineers who study this phenomenon the ability of airplanes and other air types of aircraft to fly would not be possible. Aerodynamicists dedicate their careers to studying the four main forces of flight.

These four forces include lift which is the push of air that allows something to lift off the ground weight which is a factor of gravity and how much an object weighs thrust the force that moves an item forward and drag the factor that causes an object to slow down while moving.

An aerodynamicist is a person who studies all of these factors in depth and works together with a team to design aircraft to be the most aerodynamic as possible. The main purposes of continuing to develop the aerodynamic qualities of aircraft are to increase fuel efficiency and to allow aircraft to travel as efficiently as possible.

Because this type of profession requires high level of math skills and an in-depth knowledge of physics a minimum of a bachelors degree is required. However higher level degrees are often needed for advanced positions. The most common employers for aerodynamicists are engineering firms companies that manufacture aircraft and the military. The typical salary for an aerodynamicist ranges from around $60000 to $100000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $83898.5
High Salary: $101736
Low Salary: $66061
Tasks: Studies the four main forces of flight: lift, weight, drag, and thrust.
Designs aircraft to be the most aerodynamic as possible.
Works to increase fuel efficiency of vehicles.
Improves the efficiency of aircraft.
Also Called: Engineer
Aircraft Engineer
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