Winemaker and Oenologist

An oenologist is often called a “winemaker.” The responsibility of an oenologist is to oversee the wine making process. The process of making wine can be lengthy – beginning with the growing of grapes and ending with the bottling and distributing of wines to retail outlets. According to the website oenologists are experts at making wine and they are also experts about wine itself. Some of the specific duties that an oenologist must complete include working directly with viticulturists to plan strategies for the vineyards watching the growing grapes very closely to determine the best moment to pick the grapes overseeing the grapes as they are processed into wine and monitoring the bottling process. They also determine when wine has matured by analyzing its smell and taste. Oenologists are such experts in the winemaking field that they can use their expertise experience and natural instinct to determine the high or low quality of a wine by simply using their own natural senses. The website states that oenologists typically earn between $39452 and $74515 per year but the exact salary depends on the size of the winery and the quality of the wine being produced. The educational requirement for an oenologist is typically not achieved in a classroom setting but rather through on-the-job experience and many years working for a winery. Because some oenologists work as wine developers or researchers it can be helpful to have a scientific educational background. Other skills that are helpful in this career include having an extremely high level of smell and taste and a higher than average ability to communicate with co-workers and members of the public.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $56983.5
High Salary: $74515
Low Salary: $39452
Tasks: Supervises the production of wine.
Works side-by-side with viticulturists.
Tests the quality of grapes.
Gives tours of wineries.
Also Called: Wine Expert
Winery Worker
Wine Technologist
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