Chocolatiers are professional candy makers who love sweets and enjoy being surrounded by chocolate on a daily basis. They must have creative minds and find great satisfaction in working with chocolate.

Chocolatiers learn how to mold chocolate into shapes that will appeal to customers. They also use their know how to use chocolate as a filling in pastries. They create decorative sculptures that stand alone or are placed on top of cakes or cookies and they know how to coat various treats with chocolate.

Most chocolatiers have taken formal classes at trade schools or in schools of culinary arts where they learn the basics about chocolate. These classes often cover the history of chocolate the chemistry involved in various flavors of chocolate and techniques for tempering and molding chocolate and how to use it to decorate other confections.

Upon completion of these classes they serve in an apprenticeship with a master chocolatier in order to get practical experience. Once chocolatiers have sufficient experience have developed a chocolate product that stands out from those of other merchants have gained skills in how to run a business and how to market their products in order to achieve an adequate customer base they may open their own stores where they sell their creations.

Although chocolatiers are in a profession that is enviable in some ways they also work long and often stressful hours especially during busy periods prior to holidays throughout the year. According to the website earnings for chocolatiers depend on location employer and experience.

On average chocolatiers earn an annual salary of approximately $21000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $21000
High Salary: $22000
Low Salary: $20000
Tasks: Owns or works in a shop that sells handmade chocolate.
Uses creativity to design items made with chocolate.
Invents unique chocolate products.
Knows how to temper chocolate for different uses.
Also Called: Chocolate Maker
Candy Maker
Master Chocolatier
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