Individuals who are passionate about food have excellent senses of taste and smell enjoy exploring new flavor combinations are willing to work long hours at a fast pace and are organized and good at working on a team may enjoy a career as a chef.

Being a chef is more than a jobit is actually an artistic career that uses the medium of food to nourish please comfort and satisfy all who partake. Chefs work in hotels restaurants and cruise ships and they often supervise a team of junior chefs.

Their responsibilities can include contacting vendors and keeping the food pantry stocked preparing menus being knowledgeable about how to prepare quality dishes that are tasty and aesthetically pleasing maintaining a sanitary food preparation environment managing the kitchen staff and communicating with patrons about the menu. Most chefs attend culinary school and some take courses in hotel management. reports that salaries have been improving in recent years though they vary depending upon skills educational background experience type of employer and specialty. Salaries are higher for chefs who work for a well-known chain of star hotels as opposed to those who work in local restaurants.

Pastry chefs earn entry-level annual salaries of $30000 sous chefs (who are second-in-command and direct assistants to executive chefs) typically earn between $35000 and $50000 but up to $65000 with experience and executive chefs salaries are highly variable but can be more than $75000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52500
High Salary: $75000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Supervises the kitchen.
Creates new recipes.
Prepares and presents food in an artistic manner.
Develops menus.
Also Called: Cook
Kitchen Manager
Restaurant Chef
Food Preparer
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