A baker is someone who works for one of many types of businesses or non-profit organizations such as restaurants supermarkets schools or bakeries. Bakers are capable of making many items but the most common are cakes cookies pies bread and many types of pastries.

In addition to preparing measuring and mixing ingredients professional bakers are also in charge of ordering ingredients cleaning kitchen equipment developing new recipes and sometimes supervising others. Bakers that work for large-scale manufacturing operations produce baked goods in large quantities using industrial-sized mixers and ovens. Those working in small bakeries make limited quantities and may have creative opportunities to bake specialty items such as wedding and birthday cakes.

In general bakers do not need an advanced education. Rather most work as apprentices or trainees learning skills on-the-job. Some start out working in supermarkets as bakery trainees. It is helpful to have some culinary training in high school. However aspiring bakers can attend culinary school after high school graduation or take community college courses in the culinary arts to become better qualified for a baking specialty or jobs in an industrial bakery.

Bakers need some knowledge about nutrition government health and sanitation regulations and how the production process works. If bakers want to own their own bakery they should also be knowledgeable about business and accounting. The job prospects for professional bakers especially those with experience are good.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average salary for a professional baker is $25020 but bakers working for schools or government institutions had higher salaries earning between $30000 and $40000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $32510
High Salary: $40000
Low Salary: $25020
Tasks: Works for restaurants, bakeries, schools, or other organizations that sell or serve food.
Orders ingredients, keeps the kitchen clean, adheres to safety standards in the kitchen.
Bakes special order items such as wedding or birthday cakes.
May work in a large bakery plant supervising other bakers.
Also Called: Pastry Chef
Bread Maker
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