Surveillance Operator

Surveillance operators are responsible for running and observing equipment that is used for watching individuals in various venues. They are commonly employed by casinos retail establishments and public locations such as airports. They must watch customers employees and anyone who enters a certain area to ensure that they are not cheating stealing andor behaving improperly. When something improper is recognized via surveillance equipment surveillance operators must notify their supervisors and recommend that others on the surveillance operations team conduct further investigation. The purpose of the surveillance operator profession is to help protect the property of their employer as well as the safety of the public patrons and employees. In addition to watching people within their designated surveillance area they also scrutinize security guards to ensure that they are completing their job duties effectively and correctly. According to the website surveillance operators must be able to concentrate on surveillance equipment for extended periods of time they must be detail oriented and they must be able to complete reports of their daily observations. Because surveillance operations usually occur 24 hours a day seven days a week surveillance operators must often work during nighttime hours and on weekends and holidays. Most employers require that their surveillance operators have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent plus experience in law enforcement. They must also be over the age of 18. The average yearly salary for surveillance operators is approximately $35066.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $35066
High Salary: $40066
Low Salary: $30066
Tasks: Operates computer surveillance equipment.
Reports improper activity to security personnel.
Provides written reports of violations.
Ensures that rules are being followed.
Also Called: Gaming Surveillance Officer
Surveillance Agent
Security Agent
Surveillance Investigator
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