Special Agent

Special agents are employed by the government especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the “FBI”) to investigate suspected violations of U.S. laws involving crimes such as kidnapping espionage bank robberies and fraud. Special agents work alone or in small groups often seeking out potential witnesses examining records and conducting surveillance. They testify before grand juries with the information they have gathered. They are authorized to carry firearms and make arrests. The website httpcareers.stateuniversity.com says that special agents must be U.S. citizens who pass a background check. They must also be physically fit with good eyesight and hearing. Some have degrees from accredited law schools or degrees in accounting. However college graduates in other disciplines can qualify especially if they are fluent in a language other than English. In most cases they need three years of related work experience and also must pass an examination in order to be hired. Special agents are trained over a period of months in the Washington DC area where they are familiarized with FBI regulations and also with techniques of fingerprinting and weapons use. By the end of their first year they are given permanent assignments. Jobs for special agents are not numerous but there are periodic openings when long-time special agents retire. The website www.ehow.com says that special agents usually work 50-hour weeks and they are on call 24 hours a day. When they work extra hours they are often awarded with a bonus at the end of the year. Entry-level special agents who have completed their training at the FBI academy earn salaries ranging from approximately $61000 to $70000 a year but with experience their earnings increase. In addition they are entitled to benefits such as health insurance paid vacations and retirement plans.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $65500
High Salary: $70000
Low Salary: $61000
Tasks: Investigates crimes.
Talks to witnesses.
Observes activities of suspects.
Participates in raids.
Also Called: Criminal Investigator
FBI Agent
CIA Agent
Government Agent
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/715/FBI-Special-Agent.html