Search and Rescue Controller

Search and rescue controllers are considered to be emergency responders. There are many types of situations when a person or people become lost or missing and search and rescue controllers are the professionals called to the scene to launch a mission to find the person or people. Some common situations when search and rescue controllers are required include the hours after a natural disaster or a fire in a large building occurs. Additionally they are called to help when individuals become lost in the wilderness or after emergencies such as plane crashes and train accidents. In order to be successful in this profession according to the website search and rescue controllers must have the ability to remain calm and level-headed during stressful situations they must be able to lead or work with a team of rescue workers and they must have excellent communication skills. They must also be caring individuals who have a true desire to help people and find those who are missing. Oftentimes search and rescue controllers work in dangerous environments – – such as rough terrain in the wilderness and in collapsed buildings. Therefore they must always adhere to safety precautions and regulations that are designed to keep them safe during missions. In order to ensure success the work of search and rescue controllers must be completed quickly and in an organized fashion. Consequently extensive training must be completed on a regular basis. Some search and rescue controllers work as volunteers but others are paid professionals. The website lists the average salary for search and rescue controllers at $41000 per year. The educational requirement for this profession requires a minimum of a high school diploma and certification.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $41000
High Salary: $51000
Low Salary: $31000
Tasks: Performs search and rescue missions.
Searches for victims of disasters and crimes.
Completes missions quickly and deliberately.
Works as part of an organized team.
Also Called: Rescue Technician
SAR Field Responder
Search Team Leader
Search and Rescue Manager
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