Police Diver

Polices divers are trained police officers who are also certified scuba divers. They are individuals who enjoy swimming and do not have a fear of diving into deep ocean or lake waters in search of crime evidence contraband or even dead bodies. Police divers are police officers who perform special duties that involve diving underwater for search and recovery purposes as well as to locate and retrieve evidence that is deep underwater or in some cases to protect the safety of citizens from catastrophic events. Police divers who are sometimes called “public safety divers” must first complete training to become polices officers before they can use their diving skills to help police departments sheriffs’ offices fire rescue agencies or search and rescue teams. They work not only for state agencies but for federal agencies as well. Their activities are often crucial when a person is missing and thought to be a victim of a drowning or a homicide. In addition to locating and retrieving bodies from deep water they often retrieve additional evidence that will help solve the puzzle as to what happened or who committed a crime. Police divers may work alone or in squads. In recent years some of their dives are done for the purpose of anti-smuggling or counter terrorism investigative missions. For the most part their dives are straightforward do not involve decompression and are coordinated with sonar technology to help locate the desired objects or information. However the conditions under which police divers work can be difficult or hazardous. For example the visibility conditions of the water may be challenging or the water could be contaminated. The National Academy of Police Diving (NAPD) is an organization that has set training and certification standards for police divers. The website www.indeed.com reports that the average salary for a police officer is $49000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $39000
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $59000
Tasks: Searches under water for crime evidence.
Serves as a search and rescue police officer.
Monitors the water surrounding coastal cities and towns.
Works to prevent the smuggling of illegal goods via underwater methods.
Also Called: Public Safety Diver
Law Enforcement Officer
Police Investigator
Crime Scene Investigator
Additional Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_diving