Police Academy Instructor

The people who train new law enforcement recruits and who also provide continuing education to experienced police officers are police academy instructors. Before recruits can become police officers they must enroll in a police academy learn about the law be instructed on ethics issues receive training on how to use firearms and be taught all of the other requirements of being a police officer. Then students must pass exams and be evaluated. Police academy instructors are responsible for teaching one or more phases of the police academy training program and also for recommending that specific students either pass or fail. It is imperative that police academy students be effectively taught and instructed so that they are able to perform well when they are called to duty. Because police officers are placed in dangerous situations on a regular basis it is essential that they are well educated and know how to handle all types of scenarios when they are on the streets. Therefore police academy instructors have a high level of responsibility to make sure the enrolled students are learning and are prepared for their future as police officers. Police academy instructors must evaluate each and every student and write performance reviews. Only those who are given passing grades by police academy instructors are allowed to move to the next level. According to the website www.mymajors.com police academy instructors conduct lectures in a classroom setting and they also take their students to out-of-classroom areas so they can receive hands-on training. Police academy instructors usually have bachelor’s degrees and are some are retired police officers themselves. They have been trained to be instructors and to work with police academy students as their main job responsibility. According to the website www.cbsalary.com police academy instructors earn approximately $60315 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $60315
High Salary: $70315
Low Salary: $50315
Tasks: Leads law enforcement-related classes.
Teaches police academy students how to care for firearms.
Evaluates students' progress.
Answers students' questions about becoming police officers.
Also Called: Law Enforcement Instructor
Police Academy Teacher
Law Enforcement Classroom Instructor
Police Officer Trainer
Additional Resources: http://dot-job-descriptions.careerplanner.com/POLICE-ACADEMY-INSTRUCTOR.cfm