Intelligence Officer

Intelligence officers conduct activities that are meant to protect national interests and safeguard the security of the United States. They collect analyze and report information about domestic groups and also about the foreign groups and governments and they are highly trained to be aware of threat levels. They are employed by the federal government and they work for agencies such as the CIA the FBI the DIA or the military. Much of their work is classified and used by the government to make strategic military economic and political decisions. The websites and say that intelligence officers must be college graduates with excellent academic records. They must be U.S. citizens at least 21 years old and enlisted in a branch of the military. In addition to completing basic training they are required to take advanced military intelligence officer courses after which they must pass a series of tests. Intelligence officers must be analytical and self-disciplined and because they may be stationed in other countries they must be able to adapt to different living situations and customs. Many positions call for specialized skills such as fluency in a foreign language or knowledge about the history and culture of a foreign country. Travel is usually an important aspect of the job although most have offices in the Washington D.C. area. Particularly in times of crisis intelligence officers work long hours to meet deadlines for crucial reports. The job outlook for intelligence officers is excellent and earnings depend on experience specific type of intelligence work and the agency in which they serve. According to entry-level intelligence officers can expect to earn approximately $50000 annually but those who advance to supervisory positions earn between $97000 and $149000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $99500
High Salary: $149000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Collects and deciphers information on behalf of national interests.
Uses intelligence information to prevent terror attacks and foreign invasions.
Generates reports on classified information.
Designs surveillance equipment.
Also Called: Military Personnel
Intelligence Agent
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