Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts are highly skilled professionals who acquire specialized and often confidential information from agents working in the field and then verify its accuracy. They must be able to think creativity in order to make sense of the information they gather and to determine the potential implications that the information may have for any tactical or strategic plans that will be implemented. They are usually expected to make presentations or write formal reports in which they communicate the information and their interpretation of it to the appropriate people. The majority of intelligence analysts work for government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the National Security Agency (NSA) or the US Military. Their work is crucial to both national security and the security of military personnel and troops stationed in foreign countries. However some work for private companies such as defense contractors or large corporations that want to follow what their rivals are doing. Even when they work for private employers intelligence analysts that deal with government material must get government security clearance. Intelligence analysts must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in a field such as criminology politics government or international relations. However many jobs require a master’s degree as well and those working for the military must complete officer training. Prior experience working at a lower level job related to intelligence is often a stepping stone to a job as intelligence analyst. Applications for jobs as intelligence analysts require a background check and several interviews. Salaries for intelligence analysts vary depending on their experience skills and fluency in foreign languages. According to the website pay can range from approximately $36000 to a high of $103000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69593
High Salary: $103021
Low Salary: $36165
Tasks: Collects top secret information.
Interprets intelligence reports.
Assesses the credibility of gathered intelligence information.
Helps develop strategic plans based on intelligence assessments.
Also Called: Investigative Analyst
Military Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence Agent
FBI Analyst
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