Harbor Police Officer

A harbor police officer has many of the same general responsibilities as a typical police officer – – protecting members of the general population looking for illegal activities attempting to prevent crimes before they occur and maintaining a peaceful environment. However the job of a harbor police officer is more specific because they are typically working in areas close to a body of water (such as a river an ocean a lake or a bay) and they deal with issues revolving around the legal and safe use of the body of water for both business and recreational purposes. According to Wikipedia.org some of the job responsibilities of a harbor police officer are patrolling the water to ensure that people using it for recreational purposes remain safe preventing crimes that may occur on boats and conducting search and rescue missions if someone becomes lost at sea. Also harbor police officers may be assigned to a task force that monitors vessels that travel via water for drug smuggling purposes. A harbor police officer may utilize a police car or other land vehicle but many are also assigned to various types of boats or even underwater crime fighting missions that may involve the use of scuba diving equipment. In order to work as a harbor police officer a high school diploma must be earned as well as graduation from a police academy. According to the website www.indeed.com the average salary for a police officer is $52000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52000
High Salary: $62000
Low Salary: $42000
Tasks: Investigates crimes that occur near or on bodies of water.
Attempts to prevent crime.
Conducts duties of a police officer.
Arrests criminals or criminal suspects.
Also Called: Water Police Officer
Harbor Patrol
Port Police Officer
Nautical Patrol
Additional Resources: http://www.thejobhelper.com/Police_Officer.html