Gaming Surveillance Officer

Gaming surveillance offices who are sometimes called “video surveillance officers” or “gaming investigators” work in casinos where they oversee players to make sure there is no stealing or cheating. In addition they are responsible for checking that all casino workers adhere to the rules of the casino as well as government regulations. In fact some gaming surveillance officers actually work for the government to monitor casino activities to ensure that they follow federal gaming laws. Gaming surveillance officers need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent as well as training in the field of law enforcement or criminal justice. In addition they must complete a training program so that they can become certified. Certification training includes becoming familiar with how to use surveillance cameras two-way mirrors and various types of high tech equipment as well as to develop a clear understanding of how a casino operates. Gaming surveillance officers typically work a 40-hour week but their shifts can vary depending on the needs of the casino. Because some casinos are open 24-hours per day on weekends and on holidays some gaming surveillance officers must work night weekend and vacation shifts. The website says that gaming surveillance officers often act in the role of security officers who are in charge of confronting patrons that are causing problems and making sure the rest of the casino’s patrons are safe. Therefore many casino owners give preference to job applicants with some background in law enforcement. According to the website the median annual earnings for gaming surveillance offices is approximately $26000.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $25840
High Salary: $28840
Low Salary: $22840
Tasks: Ensures that gamblers are not cheating.
Watches employees to make sure they are not stealing.
Enforces the rules and policies of a casino.
Confronts casino patrons who are causing disturbances.
Also Called: Gaming Surveillance Agent
Gaming Investigator
Video Surveillance Officer
Gaming Security Officer
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