Field Investigator

A field investigator who is also commonly referred to as a “private investigator” usually works for a law enforcement agency or a corporation but some are self-employed. Their overall job duties include meeting with clients co-workers or supervisors to get briefed on situations or scenarios that must be investigated and then going into the field to conduct research and set-up surveillance operations. They also compile reports on their findings. Depending on the specific situation they may or may not talk to witnesses in the field in order to gain information. No matter how difficult it is a field investigator’s job to obtain answers and information regarding the situations for which they are hired. This often requires field investigators to visit foreign locations and also to press others for information that they may not readily provide to a stranger. Field investigators must be technically savvy because they must conduct online research take digital photographs and utilize recording devices. Once enough information has been gathered the field investigator compiles it into a report and presents it to their clients andor supervisors. Most employers require that their field investigators have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area – such as criminal justice criminal investigation or forensic science. However field investigators who are self-employed do not necessarily need a formal degree. In most states field investigators need a license and they must pass a background check. In order to be successful in this profession field investigators must be good and innovative detectives have excellent people skills and they must be able to work in a team with other investigators. The website states that the average yearly salary for a field investigator is $63000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $63000
High Salary: $73000
Low Salary: $53000
Tasks: Conducts surveillance and research.
Finds information.
Uncovers facts about a case.
Writes reports that provide summaries of cases.
Also Called: Private Investigator
Surveillance Investigator
Law Enforcement Investigator
Criminal Investigator
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